Sunday, April 18, 2010

Table Rocked

No pictures. But there were some Guinea Fowl by the side of the road for 2 or 3 laps. Really, really big and fat ones. They looked delicious. So did the herd of elk by milepost 85 on I5 on our way back up. Mmmm. That reminds me that it's turkey season - anyone have some private land they don't mind me shooting a 12 gauge on? I'll bring the carrots and potatoes if you have a crock-pot.

Table Rock RR was warm. Sunny. I got a tan. Matt got in a break for a very long time, I patrolled the sharp end of the main group all race long, closed some gaps and got on some wheels but tried not to ride on the front. We didn't go very hard most of the race until the last time up the 5k climb, then we went kind of hard, and the break got caught, so I got to play at the top. Created a 10 man selection in the headwind and then ended up somewhere in the "sprint" up the 1k climb at the finish. Throwing down on a hot windy climb 60-70 miles into a race - reminds me why I train all winter. Exhilaration in the acceleration, bike racing rocks.

Sunday the UO team went out to ride Mt. June and the 39x23 sucked at the bottom. 5+hrs on the bike after Azul and I took off on our own and short-cutted our way home via hwy 58 - we got more tan. The lines are coming on. Eugene has three seasons: Winter, Wet, and Nice. Nice season feels like it's just about here. That's when we forget that we ever rode with fenders and dig the sunscreen out of the depths. The miles pile on and the gardens start to grow and we get skinny on fresh veggies and long hours, wondering how we ever survived Winter. I did just over 400 miles this week - and it feels so good.

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