Thursday, July 9, 2009

The weatherman was wrong.

Prediction analysis so far:

Close to the mark, but getting further off. Score a point for predicting Cancellara's TT win (not that the odds were long) and almost there on him losing the jersey in the TTT. But Lance? What a ride.

The little move in the cross winds that left Contador weeping on Sunday is a perfect example of why I tip to Armstrong this tour: he does not make mistakes. Contador does. Think of Paris-Nice (although conspiracy theories abound on that one).

And of course, Voekler just killed my prediction that neither his team nor a Frenchman would win a stage. Bummer. I mean, awesome. Have to love that ride - even if I'm drifting further off the mark.

OK, new prediction: no more stage wins for bbox. And no win on the 14th either, for the French, because despite that being the day earmarked for no radios (hence higher chance of a break succeeding - they really want to win that day don't they?), it will fail. Maybe Devolder takes it from a break, to uphold the Belgian forecast?

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