Monday, October 13, 2008


Oh, this sucks. The bonus of being in school is that your time is flexible, more or less, the downside is that you have to flex a lot of it towards school.

Up at 7. Ride, then work into the evening. Repeat.

Up at 6. Eat. Ride to school.
Lock up bike, walk to Lillis Hall, change, pick up NYTimes, pour a coffee from the thermos and be one of the last to class - while being 15 minutes early.
Meetings, and sandwich eating.
Maybe more class.
Change, go get bike, ride home (hopefully over Fox)
Stop work for dinner.
9pm, sit down for a half glass of wine and some boob tube.
915pm, bed.


On the plus side, I get to ride with the UO team as well as my regular team. Collegiate Nationals, and all sorts of races I haven't done before (yay). On the down side, I'm too broke for entry fees. On the plus side, I think the team will pay for most of those. On the down side, the races are in the early spring in the nasty rain, when I don't like racing anyways.

I have no problem racing with fenders.

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Miriam. said...

Its not the rain, its the travel for 6 weekends in a row that kills. Plus if you're lucky you get to race in some snow.

Leave Friday, race Sat & Sun, drive home Sun, get in late, spend week catching up on homework you didnt do over weekend.

Its tiring but loads of fun.