Wednesday, June 18, 2008

seriously... stop with the spinal tap.

For the good full size shots, cruise to rouesartisanales. Every other part of the gruppo looks cool. The demented deformed forehead look of the brifters doesn't get any better in the up close shots. I used to have a love-empty wallet relationship with Campy, now it's a love-barf kind of deal. I want to love it, but I kind of have to kill the gag reflex first.

And if I hear or read one more person say "but ours goes up to eleven!", I'm going to snap. Other phrases that are henceforth banned:

"the cogs all go up to eleven, right across the board"
"well eleven is one faster, innit?"
"why don't you just make 10 bigger?"
"these go to eleven"

so just stop.


Quenton said...

I think I'm hooked. I love campy shifting soo much, I don't think I'll be able to switch.

The irony is is that the new DA levers look alot more like Campy now, than well, Campy does. It's like the respective "good taste" controllers from both sides just up and switched teams.

G said...

i dont want it, but i need it, have to have it, hate myself for it, need it...