Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Something strange has happened to me recently. I've been bringing a handful of soyjoys to work for lunch, because they are easy, plentiful around the house (leftover from 'cross race sponsorship), and only recently expired. Soyjoy has been a bit of a joke around the races down here, being all dry and weird tasting, so much so that the running joke is that the tuesday crit primes should be a box of soyjoy for the last person across the line. But since I've been muching on them in the afternoons, at the rate 3-4 a day, I've realized that they're not too bad with a small cup of strong coffee. In fact, I kind of like them. Not alone, of course, but with a hot beverage or other sidekick. It's kind of like biscotti, only softer, and in a little package. I could picture two soyjoy on a plate with an espresso, out at a little sidewalk cafe somewhere sunny. Odd.

Who woulda thought.

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