Monday, April 7, 2008


So these dudes came down the valley to race this weekend. Something about Willamette. Coburg TT, Alpine loop, Crit, Wolf creek. In the rain. It sounds like a typical Eugene training week schedule. I actually did an out and back ride on Wolf Creek both days this weekend - and got soaked both times.

The WVSR looked like a great event. Good stages, hard riding. Friday was just slammed at work, but hearing the rain and wind beating on the windows made me think twice about going outside to train afterwards. For the first time in 8 weeks I thought very seriously about pulling the trainer out instead of riding - and everyone else was riding over Mary's Peak right then. I'm still glad I wasn't there. Well, not there racing, at least. I pulled a trailer full of sandwiches and homebrew to the top of Wolf Creek with some buddies and heckled freinds who were racing, and they were all looking like they loved it too, judging by the grit in their teeth and the stains on their clothes. Good on 'ya, boys, we lifted a brew for you as you went by.

My favorite part of the race still had to be the crit - when the newbie fixed gear hipster with no brakes and platform pedals got himself onto the course and couldn't figure out how to bail with dignity. Chump. Hood ornament, waiting to happen.

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