Thursday, April 17, 2008

Grand Tour Playoffs?

News of the Weird:

(from Yahoo! Sports)

PARIS, April 17 (Reuters) - Vuelta director Victor Cordoso has proposed introducing “playoffs” to make the Tour of Spain more exciting in the early stages.

Under the new format, 25 teams of eight riders would enter one-day races during the first week, with the peloton down to 16 teams of eight riders for the two remaining weeks.

“We would have a first five or six-day phase with flat races, mountain races and a time trial,” Cordoso told reporters at the International Forum for the future of Cycling in Paris on Thursday.

“We would have team standings to select the 16 teams to continue the race.

I've got a better one. How about this: Proceed with the usual stage race format, with cumulative times taken over the stages. Then, every day, the bottom 5 on GC are eliminated. Once a week (3 times in all), the bottom team on the team rankings is cut entirely.

That would be a race worth watching.

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