Friday, March 14, 2008

Thursday night's all right for... rain?

Thanks to the Prez, we now have just 8 months of the year not on the daylight saving time shift, so this past weekend we set all the clocks forward one hour to shift our habits and pretend like the sun goes down later than it does. Which means, the Thursday Nighter is now officially on.

I honestly don't even know who all showed up. It didn't really matter. It was windy and raining. There was a group. 10 minutes later, at the top of Welders, the three of us Smokers punched it at there were just 6. Somewhere on Territorial, we pulled some punches and there were 4. Then after holding a short lesson in how to ride your bike, we held another lesson in how not to sprint. D'oh! My co-worker (and unfortunately not teammate) Joel, who actually does know how to sprint, put on a clinic.

So it goes.

Watching stragglers roll in one at a time several minutes later was still fun.

Next week...

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