Friday, March 21, 2008

Obama in hippie town

Obama is speaking at Macarthur court tonight. At 530 KLCC was saying that the line outside was a several thousand people - the doors open at 7, speech is at 9. This is a liberal town, but even Hillary couldn't get close to those numbers, and McCain couldn't get several thousand hicks to turn out in Springfield even if they were handing out free 40's of Schlitz and cases of Remington .22 ammo.
There's a growing feeling of inevitability about this election, but without the usual associated fear and loathing. It's kind of pleasant.

The CSC ride goes out to Drain tomorrow, 95 miles. It's definitely the day to do it, as it's supposed to be clear skies all day, and Sunday brings more rain. How long I actually stay out will depend on how much food I can cram into my pockets as I rush out the door in the morning, and whether I forget my water bottles.

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