Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Why hello, shadow

Good to see you. The Vitamin D is welcome.

It feels like spring. That may be a bad thing, if we pay for it later, but right now I'm happy to be fenderless and warm(ish).

A few weeks ago I rode down to Eugene with Quinn, who suffered a bad day with 50 or so miles to go. It was pouring rain for the first part of the ride and, predictably, my silliness led to illness and the next week was a total write off. And the following week was nearly so as well - while the symptoms were pretty much gone in my daily life, on the bike I was still crap. JR did some hill climbing intervals with me and kicked me around like I was a Cat 5 on knobby tires. But then a long weekend off the bike and some good R&R put things right - it's as if I woke up and lo, it was springtime - with new legs, good weather, and a much better attitude. Of course - fitness still tanked from two weeks of junk, but that's not insurmountable.

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