Wednesday, June 3, 2009

TTT #2

Took home the gold on Sunday. That felt good after the yellow squad kept showing up to our little OBRA races and dominating. 11 seconds is as good as 11 minutes for the ability to stand on top of a plywood podium out in Tangent, Oregon. I'll take it.

This year we went substantially faster than last, due to having Rob English to pull us around. Homie can TT like no other, and that was a good thing since Paul, Nick and I had raced the road race on Saturday and beaten up the legs a little bit. We went flying around the TTT course wondering if it was all going to hold together or if we were going to detonate completely. Luckily it worked out, and I don't think we could have gone much faster.

It did make me think, though... I really should get a real TT frame. I just don't fit so well on the converted steel frame.

The week has been a bust for riding. Wrapping up too many projects, and evening thunderstorms get in the way. Next week, though... 4oo miles, 6 pastries, 21 cups of coffee, 3 fishing trips, 4 naps. Mark my word. I might actually be fast by July.

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