Sunday, January 18, 2009

Campagnolo dissected

Do NOT try this at home. Unless, of course, your partner complains about the ergonomics of the SRAM shifters on her winter bike, and you open your mouth and say:

"Hey, well you've got some 9-speed campy you're not using, I heard SRAM and campy shifters were interchangeable, let me just switch the guts over to 10-speed and install those instead! I hear it's easy. Should be, like, two ratchets and a spring, cheap, I'll do it in my spare time."

Because, you see, she might let you. And then, you have to figure out what parts are the ones you need to buy, search the internet for instructions, download exploded diagrams, and explode a perfectly functional Chorus shifter all over your table.

And then, you get this:

And this is not fun.

But in case you were wondering, it works.

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